I have been a bit hesitant about sharing my daily skincare routine (even though you all have been asking…a lot) because I wanted to avoid the “all for one, one for all,” temptation that is so common in the skincare industry.

While there are a few baseline products that suit almost everyone’s needs (can you say Daily Power Defense!) please remember that there are over 150 different skin types which means that what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

So, keeping that in mind, I am here to share my morning and nighttime routine with my favorite (and only) skincare products, ZO Skin Health.

morning routine


My skin tends to be on the drier side, and even more so during the winter months. I use this time to attack any damage the summer sun has caused, such as changes to pigment.

I’m always on or in the water, at the beach, biking, hiking, or just relaxing near the water, however, no matter how often I apply sunscreen or wear one of my many big-brimmed, floppy hats, the sun seems to find a way – so winter is the best time to reverse any damage.


Products I use in the morning


1. Cleanse

I wash my face every morning before I jump in the shower. The Gentle Cleanser from ZO provides antioxidants and anti-irritants to help protect skin and it is never drying.

2. Exfoliate

Twice a week I use ZO’s exfoliating polish to help remove dead, dry skin. This stuff is absolutely a favorite of my client’s, and while you may want to use it more often it is best to limit to 2-3x per week.

daily power defense

3. Daily Power Defense

Daily Power Defense is a mainstay and one of those products that is necessary for all skin types. Think of it as your daily moisturizer so this is a morning staple in my skincare routine no matter what time of year
daily sheer

3. Daily Sheer

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. Even in the winter months – which tend to be cold, rainy, and a bit gloomy here in the PNW – sunscreen is and should be a daily part of everyone’s skincare routine. I apply non-tinted Daily Sheer after my DPD and before applying any makeup.

suncreen powder zo

4. Sunscreen + Powder

A new product, ZO’s Sunscreen and Powder is a great addition and acts as a nice way to set my makeup. It comes in different shades that do tend to be a little on the light side, so if you are medium complexion consider using the dark one.

My Winter Addition To Attack Summer Damage

Pigment Control Creme

To combat summer skin damage, during the winter month’s I reintroduce ZO Skin Health’s Pigment products. Every morning, I apply Pigment Control Creme before my usual products. Paired with the nighttime routine, this will help fade browns.

evening routine

My Nighttime Routine

My nighttime routine always begins with the Gentle Cleanser, however because of the winter dryness and pigment issues, I have added a couple more products.

Products I use in the evening


1. Cleanse

Every evening I wash my face. One of the practices that drives me crazy is the use of makeup remover wipes to clean the face. This cleanser will easily remove your makeup while doing good for your skin. If you must use makeup wipes, please use a good cleanser afterward to remove all the chemicals and film those wipes leave on the skin.

2. Serum

This serum is so silky and feels so good on the skin you will want to use it every day! A little goes a long way and it is great for boosting collagen. In the winter months I use this a couple of times a week in between Pigment Blending Creme days.

My Winter Additions To Attack Summer Damage

I introduced Refissa and Pigment Control and Blending Cream recently just twice a week to attack that summer pigment. There is a ramp-up period and the skin gets flaky during the first few weeks, however, once my skin is used to these new additions,  will up it to 3-4 times per week once my skin is ready. I will use these for about 4-5 months.
pigment control blending cream

Final note: In addition to my regular skincare routine, I also include laser treatments such as IPL during the winter months to further hit any browns or pigment issues from the summer.

I will also add in an Enzymatic Peel in the evening sometimes and maybe a Pore Refiner in the morning. 

If you have any questions about skin issues, drop me a note at info@camasmedspa.com, shoot me a text, or call 360-335-4951. I also do virtual consultations but my favorite way to consult is with hands-on skin.

My 30for30 is a quick (30 min) and inexpensive ($30) facial consultation where we can talk about your skin concerns while getting a facial customized for you. This lets me get my hands on your skin and see how it reacts to medical-grade products and generally allows me to offer an educated approach tailored just for you!