chemical peel love: A conversation with Mack

Mackenzie Dodson is an Advanced Esthetician who joined Camas Medspa in 2020. A graduate of one of the PNW’s most well-known and respected Aesthetic Training  Institutes, Spectrum Advanced, Mackenzie was described by Executive

Director Mary Nielson as “One of the top 5 students that has every been through the Specturm program.”

Mack and her counterpart, Lillie Ballard, are passionate about skin care and are dedicated to the development and execution of the lastest in skin care treatments to provide the best to their clients.


You asked and Mackenzie answered. Below Mack answers our client’s questions about Chemical Peels.

I always thought peels were for just old people. Is this true and if not who should get a Chemical Peel?


Everyone can benefit from peels, especially if they have moderate to advanced concerns that could include; aging, acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Peels can even help superficial concerns like dullness and balance your complexion (dryness – oiliness).

 Okay, but why a Chemical peel?

Peels are beneficial to help keep your cell turnover regulated and maining the results that were achieved for previous services.

When should people start getting peels?

I recommend starting to peel when you’re younger to help prevent moderate to advanced concerns and maintain youthful and healthy skin.

It’s a great idea to begin slowly with a very superficial or superficial peel as soon as 15-20 years of age depending on the consultation and recommendations of an esthetician.

What issues do peels address besides pigment and spots?

Peels can help address a variety of concerns, depending on the active and key ingredients of the peel.

For example, salicylic peels are a staple for oily and acne prone skin types, while lactic peels are great for dry and aging skin.

Peels can help with any number of concerns including; scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, dull, dry or oily skin.

Nowadays you can even cocktail peels together to create a customization for any and all clients and their wide range of concerns.

What’s the downtime? Am I going to peel like crazy?

The downtime is adjustable! 

With so many different peel depths (very superficial, superficial and medium) you can really customize your down time.

I love to refer to very superficial peels –  like our Oxygen or Client’s First Peel  – as lunchtime peels because you can get one done during your lunch break and return back to work with no problems!!

Even superficial peels have minimal social down time, you’ll get a light sloughing but you won’t be peeling in layers or sheets.

Medium depth peels – like a TCA – will have some more downtime and that’s where the crazy peeling comes in with shedding and flaking that can last up to 14 days!!

I love to start and end peel season (Fall and Winter) with a medium depth peel to erase summer damage and then really get a good fresh start heading into Spring. For the Spring and Summer months maintaining with one or two superficial or very superficials peels will help prevent too much damage from the warm weather activities and increased sun exposure.

Do peels hurt?

 Peels don’t hurt at all, they do give a “sting” or heat sensation as some may describe it but they don’t hurt at all!

We have at least 10 peels here at Camas Medspa, maybe more. How would someone know which one is right for them?

I always recommend a consult with a licensed professional, of coure, but I think it is good to do your own research as well. This way you and your esthetician can collaborate and work together on your skin care goals and the best treatment to attack issues you are most concerned about.

Okay, so now I would like you to do something for me. Pick one Very Superficial, one Superficial, and one Medium Depth Peel that you feel would be good for anyone no matter what their skin type or Fitzpatrick type, and with no prep work. 

I would say the Oxygen for Very Superficial – it really is a beautiful peel that everyone loves and gives you glowing, hydrating and smooth skin.

For the Superficial it has to be the 5 Berry Peel. It is such. a versatile peel that can be used in conjunction with other treatments like microneedling or can be layered up to really dig into pigment and lines and wrinkles.

TCA 15% is an awesome Mediium depth peel. You don’t get the sheets of skin peeling, but more of a managed peel that cleans up the skin and reveals gorgeous, almost baby-like skin, that is hiding underneath.

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