Sun Damage

Sun-damaged skin shows the following symptoms:

Dry skin — The skin appears dry, flaky and slightly more wrinkled than skin on other parts of your body that have not been exposed to the sun. Dry skin is also one of the most common causes of itching.

Sunburn — Mild sunburn causes pain and redness on sun-exposed skin. In most cases, there are clear boundary lines where the skin has been protected from the sun by shirt sleeves, shorts, a bathing suit or other clothing. More severe cases of sunburn produce painful blisters, sometimes together with nausea and dizziness.

Actinic keratosis — An actinic keratosis appears as a small bump that feels like sandpaper or a persistent patch of scaly (peeling) skin that may have a jagged or even sharp surface and that has a pink, yellow, red or brownish tint. At first, an actinic keratosis may be the size of a pimple. Rarely, an actinic keratosis may itch or be slightly tender.

  1. Chemical peels — A strong chemical solution is used to remove the top layer of skin, with the anticipation that normal skin will grow back later.
  2. Fraxel – Fraxel works by making tiny, controlled injuries to the skin, which will stimulate the production of new collagen. As the skin repairs these tiny injuries, it also works to grow new skin cells and heal the older damage visible from sun exposure and other problems. The unique approach to skincare can create dramatic results in patients experiencing sun damage and other skin problems, including aging signs, acne scars, and more.

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Long-term changes in the skin’s collagen — Symptoms of collagen changes include fine lines, deeper wrinkles, a thickened skin texture and easy bruising on sun-exposed areas, especially the back of the hands and forearms.  The following procedures add collagen to the skin:

  1. Fraxel
  2. Micro-Needling
  3. Botox

80% of sunscreens offer inadequate protection, make claims that are false and misleading, or cause accelerated aging. Some of the biggest brands are developing and selling sunscreens that, according to the Environmental Working Group, not only fail, but fail miserably.

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