Spider Veins

Causes. Prevention, and Treatment

Visible facial veins are dilated blood vessels. They are usually found on the forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, neck, and upper chest. Visible veins are most commonly seen in fair-skinned women and usually appear around age 40.

Blood vessel dilation is due to weakening of the elastic fibers in the walls of the vein. Although the exact mechanisms leading to blood vessel dilation are not understood, visible veins are associated with excessive sun exposure, normal aging, steroid use, liver disease, genetics, radiation therapy, and physical trauma. On the face, visible veins can range in size from the tip of a pencil to bigger than a pencil eraser. Visible veins may be even larger on sites other than the face.

Visible veins are often considered to be a cosmetic issue. However, they can be found in people with rosacea (see rosacea section on this site), liver disease, and more rarely, autoimmune disease. Hormonal changes can be associated with visible veins as well.Visible veins are most often caused by sun damage, so sunscreen use and sun avoidance are recommended.

Laser Therapy: Nd:YAG

If you suffer from spider veins, either on your legs and ankles, or on your chest and face, we’ll bet you’d prefer they weren’t there. At Camas Medical Aesthetics and Spa we have a fast and easy treatment for spider veins. It’s called Nd:YAG. We know it’s a funny, and hard-to-remember name, but you are going to be telling your friends about it soon!

What Is an Nd:YAG Laser?

The Nd stands for Neodymium-doped. And the YAG is an acronym for the components of the crystal used in the laser: yttrium, aluminum, and garnet. So, now Nd:YAG doesn’t seem so bad, does it? This advanced laser uses a near-infrared wavelength that targets hemoglobin.

Its ability to create an appropriate spot size along with variable, long pulses, which are converted into heat in the tissue, enables it to significantly heat deep skin tissues, such as blood vessels. Once the hemoglobin absorbs the wavelength, it essentially shuts down the vein. The vein is then reabsorbed into the body.

Fast and Non-Invasive Treatment for Spider Veins

The YAG laser is non-invasive. It does not cut or remove the top layer of your skin; it penetrates the skin surface and the energy is absorbed by your skin tissue. The thing that makes this treatment for spider veins so popular is that it takes very little time and you can often see immediate results – although the complete absorption process can take one to two months. We like to see you four to six weeks after your treatment to see if any other vessels need to be treated.

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