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Sofwave™ Face & Neck Skin Tightening


Did you know that the natural components responsible for your skin’s elasticity and firmness, namely elastin and collagen, gradually begin to diminish in your mid-20s? As a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin become more apparent over time. But fear not! We have the perfect solution for you:

Sofwave™, a groundbreaking non-surgical treatment that will tighten your skin and smooth away those pesky signs of aging.

Visit Camas Medspa if you’re ready to try this next-generation face and skin tightening treatment. We’re a top provider of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the Pacific Northwest and we are so excited to now offer the latest in skin tightening! Sofwave treatments and their patented technology is the closest you can get without going under the knife!

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FDA Approved

Enhance Your Natural

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your timeless beauty with Sofwave at CAMAS Medspa. This groundbreaking non-surgical aesthetic treatment is designed to restore your youthful radiance and diminish the signs of aging. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards experiencing the transformative power of Sofwave in the hands of our trusted experts.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at 360-335-4951. Explore Sofwave’s possibilities through its non-invasive approach to achieving a stunning complexion.


Sofwave Before & After

Get a better understanding of the transformation possible through Sofwave by looking at patients’ before and after photos. Each person achieves tighter skin with fewer wrinkles and creases. The face and neck areas look plumper, resulting in improved confidence. Everyone’s experience is unique, and results can vary.* But the impact of Sofwave is clear—it provides lasting, visible results.

Before After
Before After

FDA Approved

How Sofwave Works

Sofwave is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that can lift the eyebrows and improve skin elasticity in the neck and under the chin. In addition, you can use Sofwave to sculpt your jawline, diminish lines around the mouth, and reduce crow’s feet.

Featuring a revolutionary synchronous ultrasound parallel beam superb technology, the procedure causes minimal disruption to your daily life. The fractional heating from the ultrasound waves promotes the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, this helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Phase 1
Phase 1

During a Sofwave session, a specialist uses a cutting-edge handheld device that delivers synchronous ultrasound parallel beam technology to the treatment site.

Phase 2
Phase 2

The energy stimulates the breakdown of stubborn fat cells.

Phase 3
Phase 3

The energy stimulates the breakdown of stubborn fat cells.

FDA Approved

Why We Love It​

Sofwave is a safe and effective skin-tightening treatment that men and women use on the face and neck. It’s suitable for all skin types, making it a popular option for those wanting to rejuvenate their skin without undergoing surgery.

Patients enjoy a plethora of Sofwave benefits:

✓ FDA-cleared device
✓ Minimal downtime
✓ Quick + convenient half-hour sessions
✓ Reduces fine lines + wrinkles
✓ Restores volume to sagging skin
✓ Stimulates collagen production
✓ Tightens the skin
✓ Improves overall skin texture

Sofwave Cost

Sofwave cost depends on various factors like the number of treatments needed and your aesthetic goals and expectations. The treatment area(s) can also affect the cost. For example, if you choose to treat both the face and neck, the overall cost may be higher. But if you’re looking to target a specific area of the face, like under the eyes, the cost may be lower.

Every person’s treatment plan is different. We encourage those interested in Sofwave to schedule a consultation with us. This way, we can discuss your concerns and goals and verify your candidacy for treatment. From there, we can create a treatment program tailored to your needs while staying within your budget.


Sofwave Side Effects

Sofwave treatments are safe, and there are no lingering sensations following the procedure. You don’t have to worry about a complicated aftercare regimen, either. Go back to work or resume your daily activities right after your appointment.


Sofwave Results*

Sofwave technology has been clinically tested and proven to remodel collagen. Patients enjoy fewer wrinkles and a lifting effect on the eyebrows, neck, and submental areas. This non-surgical approach offers quick yet remarkable results. Best of all, most people only need one session.

Some of our patients notice results as soon as a week after their treatment. But collagen takes time to regenerate. So, it’s not uncomon for it to take a full 12 weeks to see more prominent changes. Your skin should show ongoing improvements for three months after treatment.




Who Is A Good Candidate for Sofwave™

A good candidate for Sofwave has fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin or cellulite. This person is usually in their 30s or older and showing signs of skin laxity and loss of collagen.


Is The Sofwave™ Treatment Painful?

Sofwave is a relatively comfortable cosmetic procedure. You may feel a warm sensation when the ultrasound energy penetrates the skin. If you have low pain tolerance, let your specialist know before beginning the treatment. We can apply a topical anesthetic right before to make the session more bearable.


Why Choose Camas Medspa for Sofwave™?

Camas Medspa is a popular go-to spot for all things anti-aging and body contouring. The demand for our unmatched customer service and results has led us to becoming a Key Opinion Leader in the Medspa Industry and providing our clients with the best and latest treatments available!


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

One Sofwave treatment will get you results, however for clients aged 40 and over we would suggest 2 treatments. Those results will last 18m+ and if you combine it with other services (Energy Stacking) such as Potenza RF Microneedling, Fraxel, etc your will results will be even more dramatic!


How Much Does A Sofwave Treatment Cost?

Please visit our online booking for all of our pricing and don’t forget to check out our SPECIALS and inquire about packages and energy stacking combo treatments for even bigger discounts.