Nothing can age a person more than a sagging jawline, but unfortunately it will happen to all of us at some point. Sagging jowls is a result of loss of volume and can happen with weight loss.

When I ask my patients what type of results they are look for they immediately lift up their cheeks and say “I want to look like this again!” What they are really saying is I want the fullness back in my cheeks and to get all the falling skin back where it was in their 20s, before gravity started to win the battle!

Do Facial Exercises Work?

Facial exercises are fun, and if muscle loss was the problem they would work great. But, the issues is fat loss (volume) and elasticity. Therefore, strengthening the muscle does not fix the situation.

Think of it this way, if you have a pair of baggy pants there are only 2 solutions to making them fit, bigger legs or alterations.

How To Get Rid of Jowls Without Surgery.

Just like your pants, alterations that create tighter skin is an option but this involves surgery. Many of my patients are comfortable with injections, body sculpting, and laser treatments but want to avoid the knife. So, if you aren’t interested in a facelift, adding volume (remember the baggy pants) is the next best option.

How Does Adding Volume Work?

This is done by adding filler to the cheeks (where the fat pad has disappeared) which will lift the skin back to it’s original place. As your cheeks regain their volume, the skin is lifted and the jowls are reduced

Fillers give you fullness and lift your skin up and forward, which is different than pulling the skin back as with a traditional facelift.

Will This Treatment Work For You?

Test it out on your face right now. Put your hands on your cheeks and lift up a little. If you see more definition in your jawline and the lines below your nose begin to disappear, this treatment may work for you.

If your jowls are starting to get you down and you are not interested in going under the knife quite yet, the best thing you could do is to get a consultation.

If you are in the Portland, OR to Ridgefield, WA area I would happy to discuss your options at a FREE CONSULTATION! Call 360-335-4951 today!