On Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 we will enjoy the first ever National Botox Day, and it is ABOUT TIME!

There is National Inner Beauty Day, National Lipstick Day, National No Makeup Day and all sorts of other beauty based holidays so it makes perfect sense that we now have National Botox Day! Although, for many of us Botox Day is every day.

So, what does this mean? Well, it means FREE BOTOX of course. 

Botox maker Allergan is offering an exclusive “buy one, get one” deal for one day only. For every $100 gift card purchased on November 20, you will get an additional $100 gift card while supplies last. Prior to November 20th, visit www.botoxcosmeticday.com to sign up for a reminder.

But wait, there’s more!

Of course we are going to join in the fun here at Camas Medspa as well! 

To celebrate, we will be offering $50 OFF when you purchase 20 units or more of Botox! This is a one time deal that is for Wednesday, November 20th only so call ASAP to schedule your appointment. We do have limited spots available – 360-335-4951.

But wait there’s more, again!

In addition to $50 off BOTOX, you will also receive $100 OFF each syringe of Juvederm purchased on Wednesday! 

Yes, that is a whole lot of information to process, so let me help you:


  1. Click this link www.botoxcosmeticsday.com prior to November  2oth. Here you will sign up for a reminder from Allergan to jump on their BOGO. (Camas Medspa is not affiliated with this deal and it is while supplies last).
  2. Call 360-335-4951 to schedule an appointment on Wednesday to get your $50 OFF 20 units or more of Botox and/or $100 OFF each syringe of Juvederm.
  3. Drop in! We are accepting drop-ins on Wednesday, so if you arent sure or decide at the last minute to jump on our 11/20 ONLY special… stop on by!