You have probably heard the term “Baby Botox,” thrown around a lot lately after a popular London gossip site “accused” Kate Middleton of getting the treatment in her forehead. While the Throne has denied this, we thought this would be a good opportunity to give you some details on this latest (and in our opinion, GREATEST) procedure.

Baby Botox is the term for treatment that involves strategically placing lower doses of Botox (usually 1/4 to 1/2 the manufacturer’s recommended dose) injected to minimize wrinkles while still allowing facial movement. Even though it is called Baby Botox, Dysport can be used in a similar way.

Recently, Page Six claimed that Kate Middleton had Baby Botox, which has been denied by the Palace.

“The goal is to create a softer look on your forehead, avoiding the perfectly smooth frozen face that has been popular in the past,” Dr. Karen Gaskell, says about this procedure

Dr. Gaskell has been performing this procedure for years, long before it came to be adorably known as “Baby Botox.”

I have a number of patients who stop by every 6-8 weeks who receive small amounts of Botox (sometimes as little as 10 units) in their forehead to maintain a more natural look. Many of my younger patients, want to see their smile squint lines and retain some movement in their forehead.” states Dr. Gaskell.

What Are The Benefits of Baby Botox

  1. Cost. While the cost per unit for Botox or Dysport isn’t any cheaper, the patient will be receiving mini doses at their visit, therefore that particular time the out of pocket could be less.
  2. Personalized. If you have had Botox before you know that every forehead is different. Some patients require more on one side of their forehead than another and many don’t need as much as their friends may. Baby Botox offers a more personalized treatment as the fewer units are strategically placed to maintain softness.
  3. More Natural Looking. There is a tendency for eyebrow drooping when receiving a full forehead of Botox. This lighter version avoids the heaviness that can sometimes cause the outer corers of a patient’s eyebrows from falling a bit.
  4. Prevention. The subtle nature of Baby Botox makes it perfect for those hoping to prevent lines in the first place by starting treatment in their 20s. You can prevent wrinkles before they form by using Botox to manipulate the way wrinkle-causing muscles move. By seeing how the face moves, Doctors like Dr. Gaskell, can place micro doses of Botox in ways that maintain your Baby Face.
  5. Placement. Baby Botox isn’t just for the forehead. Many patients like to get microdoses and maintain hints of smile lines under their eyes as well.

If you think you are ready to either adjust your injectable routine or want to give Botox a try for the first time, Baby Botox is for you! Make sure you visit a trained Injector or Medical Doctor like Dr. Gaskell here at Camas Medspa.

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