Very Superficial Peels


We have 4 Very Superficial Peels whose prices range from $135 to $175 and are all $99 per peel for Black Friday, so this is the time to purchase a bunch!

A Very Superficial Peel is perfect if you have never had a peel before. There is no downtime with our very superficial peels, but it will leave your skin feeling tight and bright!

Very superficial peels are all weather safe and great if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Client's First Time Peel
This treatment is loaded with powerful antioxidants, tyrosinase inhibitors, and 7% TCA creating the perfect combination to target pigment, sun damage and acne.
Even if this isn’t your first time peel, this treatment is a great way to jump back into peel season and prepare your skin for more Fall treatments.
Oxygen Peel for Sensitive Skin
Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from Oxygen.
his treatment aids in cellular renewal and assists in repairing the skins barrier. Oxygen contain wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties to aid in healing. This treatment will awaken cells and activate healthy fatty acids, ceramides and lipids for skin that is healthy and strong.

Oxygen Acne Buster
This facial targets unwanted bacteria and dead skin build up leading to active break outs. Oxygen helps to kill bacteria while also calming and healing acne lesions. Salicylic acid aids in absorbing excess oil production and provides a deep cleaning of the pores to prevent future breakouts.

Rosacea Peeling Treatment
This powerful skin protecting treatment combined with exfoliation benefits of gentle enzymes will leave the skin feeling renewed and refreshed. Caters to individuals suffering from Rosacea.