IPL for Spots on Hands


Hands are the new neck… or are necks the new hands? Either way, both reveal our age almost more than anything else. If you have entered in to that phase of life where spots are starting to show up on your hands, don’t worry – we’ve got something for that.

IPL hands is a super quick treatment that zaps the browns on your hands in just minutes. More than one treatment (3 probably) will be needed to completely eliminate the spots, so feel free to take advantage of this special and load up!

Treatments are not painful and there is no downtime. Optimally each treatment should be completed 3 weeks apart. In just a few shorts days after your treatment, you will see what looks like “coffee grounds” appearing on your skin where you had the treatment. These will eventually slough off and reveal less brown colors until they have all but disappeared (one treatment will generally not achieve complete eradication and therefore 3 is usually needed).

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