Fat Reduction with trusculpt 3D – 4 areas


A lot of us are carrying around some extra poundage this year, because 2020 of course. If you are working on shedding those quarantine lbs and need a bit of a jump start or fat melting aid, then a body sculpting treatment may be just what you need.

truSculpt 3D is the latest in fat banishing technology and supercedes previously cold blasting techniques. Using heat and radiofrequency up to 25% of fat can be melted per area treated. Not painful, but a bit uncomfortable during treatment (feels like a mild sunburn), patients will see full results in 3 months! Only one treatment is needed to achieve results, however some patients choose to double or triple treat certain stubborn areas. This is perfect for the baby belly pouch that doesn’t seem to want to leave or those stubborn love handles that no amount of exercise eliminates.

Patients have also seen success on areas like flabby underarms, above the knees, inner thighs, and double chins.

trusculpt 3D thighs upper arms trusculpt 3D trusculpt bra line flanks 3D trusculpt trusculpt double chin


*How this works: On the day of your treatment we will weigh you and measure the areas you have chosen to be treated, along with photos for before pictures (you may opt-out of the photo portion).

At the 3 month mark, you will return for a follow-up where you will be reweighed and measured. As long as you are within 5 lbs. of weight from the day of your treatment we will be able to properly assess the treatment’s success. If you have not seen a change in the measurement of area (smaller) then we will evaluate and retreat at no cost to you.

*Refund Policy [Please read before purchasing] : Treatments purchased may be refunded for the full amount up to 15 days from the date of purchase. If you would like to change the type of treatment provided, this can be done any time up to 1 year from the date of purchase (if the treatment has not been performed.)