B12 Shots


#1. Increases your energy levels & fights fatigue
#2. Improves your metabolism
#3. Helps with weight loss
#4. Helps improve sleeping patterns & circadian rhythm
#5. ‚ÄčIncreases concentration & mood
#6. Boosts your immune system
#7. May increase hair growth or stop hair loss
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You don't need to wait until Fridays anymore to get your B-12 shot! As our regulars could tell you, B-12 shots once a week or twice a month will give you more energy, aid in immune boosting (we all need that!), help with sleep and even make it easier to lose weight.

Purchase as many as you would like and get your vitamin therapy set for the new year!

If you would like to get weekly or monthly B12 shots, we would be happy to offer you a package price at a discount!  Give us a call at 36-335-4951!