3 IPL Spot Treatments For Browns


Brown spots and sun damage can be tough to eliminate, but IPL is the first step in eliminating those annoying blotches. If you have a few summer sun spots on your face and don’t need a whole face treatment, then this package is perfect for you. 3 IPL treatments are the standard to achieving a more even tone and getting rid of browns.

Treatments are not painful and there is no downtime. Optimally each treatment should be completed 3 weeks apart. In just a few shorts days after your treatment you will see what looks like “coffee grounds” appearing on your skin where you had the treatment. These will eventually slough off and reveal less brown colors until they have all but disappeared (one treatment will generally not achieve complete eradication and therefore 3 is usually needed).


Refund Policy: Full refund will be provided within 15 days of purchase for unused treatments. Please call 360-335-4951 for refund or email info@camasmedspa.com

Treatments expire one year from date of purchase. Purchased treatment amounts may be used for other treatments if you change your mind and decide you would prefer something else instead. Just ask any Camas Medspa staff member to help you with scheduling or adjustments needed.

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