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At Camas Medspa, we offer comprehensive training, consulting, and shadowing services to help you learn and advance your career in medical aesthetics.

Our experienced team of experts and practitioners will provide you with on-site or virtual learning in a variety of disciplines.

We also offer consulting services to help you maximize your profits and learn the most effective marketing, customer service, retention and strategic growth best practices.

Furthermore, our shadowing services provide you with the opportunity to observe and learn from our experienced practitioners and managers. With our comprehensive training and support, you can learn new treatments, tips, tricks and more to advance your current skills. 


What To Expect

On a shadow day, you will get to experience a full day of what it is like being one of the following:

Nurse Injector

Lead Esthetician

You should arrive an hour before the patient day starts and stay for a minimum of 6 hours. During this time, you will observe the daily workflow, tasks, and patient management. Any questions you have can be answered at the end of the day. The goal of this experience is to give you an accurate view of the daytoday life of a Medspa Professional, including the business side of things.

Injector Shadowing

Shadowing a Nurse Injector is an amazing experience. It provides an excellent opportunity to observe firsthand the potential of medical aesthetics and how to apply it. The nurse injector would explain the process and demonstrate the injection of Botox and other fillers on a patient. During the session, you will learn the effects of injections, and how to diagnose and treat wrinkles and facial lines. You will learn the anatomy of the face and the different injection techniques. It is an amazing opportunity to observe the art of facial aesthetics, and to gain a better understanding of the medical side of aesthetics.

Shadow Nurse Injector: Olivia Pettit

Master Esthetician Shadowing

Shadowing a Master Esthetician is a great way to learn more about the profession and gain handson experience. Expect to observe the Lead Master Esthetician as they perform a variety of skin care treatments, such as lasers, body sculpting, RF Microneedling and other services. You may also get to learn about skin care products and how a lead esthetician balances between managing her team and working with medspa leadership. Be sure to ask questions throughout the experience to gain as much knowledge as possible. Shadowing a lead master esthetician can be a great way to gain insight into the profession and grow your skills.

Shadow Master Esthetician: Amanda McLaughlin


If you do not see a specific training program you are interested in, ask and we may be able to help through our consultation services or custom training creation.

All trainings are a maximum of 4 hour programs but may be less or broken down into multiple days.


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