Everything You Need To Know Before, During And After You Get Lip Fillers

Plan Ahead

Yes, there is some preparation you need to do BEFORE you get injected. If this is your first time getting filler, you have most likely looked at thousands of pictures on social media of before and afters – the big, the beautiful, and the really, really bad – and are probably terrified of walking out of the medspa with overfilled, unnatural looking duck lips. Don’t worry, everyone feels this way and there are a number of ways to make sure to get exactly the lips you want.

Size and Shape. Everyone’s lips are different so it is important to understand that your filled lips will not look like your friend’s filled lips – or Kylie Jenner’s or Lisa Rinna’s or Angelia Jolie’s or [insert your pick here]. You and your Injector can discuss prior to treatment exactly what issues you want to address with your filler and your goal shape and size; so think about what you want for YOUR LIPS.

Minimizing Bruising. Everyone is different, some client don’t bruise at all after injections while others see more bruising and swelling. A week before your injections hold off on Motrin, Aleve, fish oil, multivitamins, and vitamin E or other blood thinners to help keep the bruising to a minimum. 

Downtime. What constitutes downtime is different for everyone. Masks make it a bit easier to hide any swelling and bruising that may occur within the first few days post injection, however you should consider social engagement timing before your injections.

Icing for a couple of hours immediately following injections as well as using anti-bruising products like Arnica will go a long way towards a quicker recovery, but every person is unique and has different reactions so keep that in mind when planning ahead.

Lip Fillers at Camas Medspa

We offer a few choices of types of fillers for your lip augmentation treatment, and during your consultation we can discuss what works best for you based upon your needs and desired look.


Revanesse Versa Lips

Versa by Revanesse

Approved by the FDA in 2017, Versa isn’t as well known as Juvederm yet it is also hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler and comparable to Ultra and Volbella. What sets Versa apart from the rest is its post-treatment recovery—patients experience little to no swelling at injection sites. Studies show Revanesse produces 25% less swelling than other HA-based dermal fillers, which helps our specialists deliver more accurate results.

Lip injections juvederm

Juvederm by Allergan

Ultra XC and Volbella are both part of the Juvederm family and long consider the crowd favorites when giving your lips a fuller look.

Many love Ultra XC for its’ consistency and comfort, while others prefer Volbella for dealing with vertical lines and wrinkles. Volbella provides a more subtle look than the traditional look Ultra XC provides.

Volbella may last a bit longer is a good choice; but Ultra XC offers more enhanced and younger-looking lips.


Before Treatment. For first timers, getting lip augmentation the first time can be exciting… and a bit scary, so it is good to know exactly what to expect from the minute you walk in for your appointment.

After filling out a consent form, BEFORE pictures of your lips will be taken. One of the great bonuses of fillers is you see immediate results (unlike Botox injections which takes 4-7 days to take affect) and post injection you will be shown side by side before and after pictures so you can see your old lips vs your new.

Then the numbing begins.

After consulting with the Doctor/Injector about your #LIPGOALS, numbing cream will be applied to your lips and then we wait. The length of numbing time is generally 35-40 minutes or until your lip area is completely numb.

Injecting lip filler isn’t a lengthy procedure and the whole treatment usually doesn’t last more than 20 minutes.

While you are being injected, your Doctor will check in with you on your pain level (yes, there is a little bit of discomfort and the pain severity does change depending on the client’s tolerance).

You will also be shown results as lips transform and you and your injector can collaborate on the effects. If your lips are uneven (join the crew!) you may need balancing out, or more defined edges, or more in the bottom lip than top and also this will be discussed prior to and during treatment.


You are finished and now you have bigger lips, but we are not finished with you yet.

Post injection you will get AFTER pictures for comparison. Right now your lips will be  bigger, a bit swollen and you may or may not have some bruising. Oftentimes you won’t have bruising at all in the office, but may get some later – as mentioned above, Arnica is good to help with that. Your lips may also be a bit pink in color which will fade by day 2.

Prior to leaving the medspa you will be given some post care tips to help you through the next couple of days.

To get the best possible results it is important to remember that cold on your lips (ice pack, bag of frozen veggies) during the first two hours will go a long way towards keeping the swelling down for the first day or two. We also recommend to avoid high intensity workouts and naps (or anything that will put you in supine position) for the first 4-6 hours immediately following treatment so keep that in mind when scheduling.


Two weeks after your lip injections, your lips will be done. Swelling and (hopefully) any bruising will be gone and the size of your lips will be settled for the next 6-9 months depending upon what type of filler you recevied.

It may have been a couple of weeks of roller coaster emotions or an even ride – everyone’s lip journey is different – however this is when you can decide whether you are happy with the fullness and size of your lips or if you want more filler injected.

If this was your first experience with injections, you probably started small with just 1/2 syringe and we usually suggest beginning conservatively as more filler can always be added.

In some cases, if your lips are so thin that a 1/2 syringe won’t make a significant difference, we will let you know to go bigger from the beginning.

the lip filler journey

Begin Your Lip Journey Now

Whether you know exactly what you want or still need to talk it out, you can schedule your appointment at Camas Medspa to get start. No obligation or fee for consultations.

Full syringes of all types of lip fillers are $700. We offer 1/2 syringes of Juvederm Ultra for $500.