Unraveling the Benefits: Skinny Shot, Super B Skinny Shot, and Semaglutide Shot at Camas Medspa

Unraveling the Benefits: Skinny Shot, Super B Skinny Shot, and Semaglutide Shot at Camas Medspa

When it comes to weight loss, the last couple of years have introduced us with…


options and isn’t it about time.

Now, there is still a lot of “snake-oil” out there but at Camas Medpsa before we offer anything we put it through ALL THE TESTS because we pride ourselves on offering top-notch health and wellness solutions!

As you might be aware, Semaglutide Injections provided the most transformative option for immediate weight loss in recent history and has been a life changing addition for our clients in 2023, with hundreds experiencing significant weight loss.

Semaglutide, which is the peptide in the brands Wegovy and Ozempic, is very different from our traditional Skinny and Super B Skinny shots – both in make up and effects.

Therefore, we’ve provided a quick little breakdown below to help you choose the best fit for your wellness journey:

    • Skinny Shot: The “Skinny Shot” as we call it at Camas Medspa is a a lipotropic injection aimed at enhancing fat metabolism, thanks to the power of Methionine and Choline. It facilitates the breakdown of fat as it metabolizes in your body. This is a 1 ml injection.
    • Super B Skinny Shot: Our “Super B Skinny” aims to boost your energy and metabolism with this shot. It combines everything the Skinny Shot offers, plus the extra advantage of Vitamin B12. This nutrient is renowned for its energy-enhancing capabilities and its support for the nervous system. It is important to note that the Super B Skinny Shot is still the 1 ml injection and therefore you are receiving a combo of both halved in one injection. If you have an allergy to sulfa, avoid this shot because of the B12 properties.
    • Semaglutide Shot: Unlike our metabolism-focused shots, the Semaglutide Shot is an appetite regulator, helping you feel full and eat less. It replicates a natural hormone in your body, resulting in potential weight loss when paired with a balanced diet and exercise. Over the past months, countless clients have witnessed profound results with this shot, and not just in the #s they see on the scale. Our clients report feeling calmer, happier, and more even-keeled. The dosages, however here at Camas Medspa we begin dosage at .25 mg and will adjust as needed depending upon the individuals needs.

    ? Note: Some clients experience fatigue at higher doses of Semaglutide. To combat this, many opt to pair it with Vitamin B12, ensuring consistent energy levels.

    ? Which One's for You?

    If you’re aiming for a metabolic and energy boost, the Skinny Shot or Super B Skinny Shot could be ideal.


    If active weight loss and appetite management are your goals, the Semaglutide Shot has proven results.


    Curious or ready for your next shot? Drop by or book a consultation to tailor your wellness path!